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Amazon Q

Amazon Q | Generative AI Power Assistant

Amazon Q is a machine learning powered Business Intelligence capability that uses natural language processing to answer your business questions instantly, saving weeks of effort from BI teams having to build pre-defined data models and dashboards.

  • Amazon Q, a new AI-Powered chatbot designed for business use, was recently unveiled by Amazon at the reinvent conference in Las Vegas. 
  • Its functions are similar to Chatgpt, with a focus on enterprise-level privacy and security. For example, you can use it for daily business email edits, writing an internal blog, press releases, etc.  
  • Utilizes enterprise documents and trusted sites for user queries and it offers fine-grained access controls. It can solve problems, generate content, and take action using the data expertise found in your company’s information repositories, code, and enterprise systems. 
  • When you chat with Amazon Q, it provides immediate, relevant information and advice to help streamline tasks, speed decision-making, and help spark creativity and innovation at work.   
  • Integrates with over 40 data sources and systems (Amazon S3, Google Drive, Salesforce).
  • Pricing is $20 per user per month. 

Amazon Q Preview Mode

Limited Features and Functionality

The service might not have all its intended features fully developed or available. Some functionalities might still be under testing.

Potential Change 

The service could undergo significant changes before its final release. Features available in preview might be modified, added, or removed in the final version. 

Reliability and Stability

Preview versions are generally less stable compared to fully released products. Users might encounter bugs or unexpected behavior. 

Support and Documentation 

The level of support and comprehensive documentation might be limited compared to fully launched AWS services. 

Data and Privacy Considerations 

Users should be cautious about using sensitive or critical data with the service, as there might be risks associated with data security and privacy in a preview version.

Q helps you Learn, Explore, and take Action

  • Ask questions about AWS services and features. 
  • Get guidance on architecture best practices.
  • Select the optimal EC2 instance type. 
  • Troubleshoot errors and network connectivity issues.
  • Connect to AWS Support.  

Accessing and Tailoring Amazon Q

Access through AWS Console, AWS SDK, and AWS CLI.

Steps to tailor Amazon Q:

  • Create an application in the AWS console.
  • Select a data retriever (Amazon Q native or Amazon Kendra).
  • Connect to a desired data source for your enterprise needs.  

Benefits of Amazon Q


  • Engages in conversations to solve problems, generate content, and take action.
  • Understand your company information, code, and system.
  • Personalizes interactions based on your role and permissions.
  • Built to be secure and private. 

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Your AI-powered productivity tool for the IDE and command line.

  • Generate code suggestions in real time in your IDE.
  • Scan code for hard-to-find vulnerabilities.
  • Flag code that resembles open-source training data or filter by default. 
  • Customize with internal codebases for more relevant code suggestions. 

Amazon CodeCatalyst

  • Spark a faster planning, development, and delivery lifecycle on AWS.
  • Launch new projects in minutes using blueprints.
  • Automate daily workflows with CI/CD pipelines.
  • Create personal cloud-based development environments.
  • Fluidly collaborate on projects, issues, and code.  

Amazon Q user-based Plans

Amazon Q Business

Your business expert.

Amazon Q Builder

Your AWS Expert and your Business Expert.

Q Builder Capabilities

Troubleshooting in AWS console.

All AWS Users.
Conversational assistant in IDE via codewhisperer.Amazon CodeWhsperer

Code transformation in IDE.

CodeWhsperer Professional Tier
Feature development in IDE 
Pull  request summaries in Amazon Codecatalyst.Amazon CodeCatalyst
Feature development in Amazon Codecatalyst.CodeCatalyst standard and Enterprise Tiers.