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How to Earn Money from Blogging in 2024 | Guide for Beginners

How to Earn Money from Blogging in 2024 | Guide for Beginners

Here we are discussing how we can earn money from blogging with organic and paid strategies.

Step 1. Start Your Blog the Right Way

The first question most people have when they start blogging and the question is “What the hell”. When you start your blog, you are not sure that it is going to make money for you. You have the right strategies in place.

“In the start, a blog needs your strong attention with determinism just like a home needs a strong foundation”.

We choose the Right Blog Niche

Choose a blog niche and a topic that you are interested in learning about is something that you already know about.

Step 2. Select Your Domain Name

The next step is to select your domain name so the domain name is another word for URL as the URL or Google is https://www.google.com/. This is another place where most people spend lots of their time thinking about domain names. Business in blogging you did be surprised by how little names mean.

For example:

  • SAMSUNG Cloud is a local music store.
  • AVIS Cloud is a place where you can buy drones on the internet.
  • Spacex Cloud be a website dedicated solely to astronaut horns
  • What defines these businesses is not their name it is what they do so don’t ever think it. You do not have to come up with some perfectly clever name to succeed as a blogger.

Step 3. Right Hosting

Set up your blog with the right hosting and right platform and the best place for you to get started is WordPress.

Step 4. Make Your Blog Eye-Catching through Blog Design

  1. Blog Theme

The best free themes are Flash Blog, Ocean WO, and Hestia while the best-paid themes are Divi and Genesis don’t forget to install the Elementor plug-in because it’s a great page builder. Elementor provides a perfect drag and drop for a method that provides easiness for a beginner.

Step 5. Create the Content according to People’s need

It’s time to answer the million-dollar question of What should I write about?

You need to create content that other people are searching for on the internet every day using Google, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. The most important part of quality content is relevant keywords.

Best Professional tool for keywords is:

  1. Semrush
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • You should follow the 80/20 Rule
  • 80% of your content should be written under the problems that people are searching and trying to solve.
  • 20% should be About Me, Your Interests, and Hobbies.

Step 6. Get Traffic to Your Blog

There are lost of ways to get readers to your blog.

There are many options for traffic source as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Email Drops Forums, Google SEO, Guest blogging, Snapchat and so much more. The biggest tip is that start from one traffic source because it’s like a “One Man Show” if in the beginning you trying to be every where then its hard to maintain the quality of your work.

  1. The Important question is which traffic resource should you choose? Here are many different factors to consider here including:
  2. competition
  3. Type of Platform
  4. Demographic of Target Platform

According to the above factors as a beginner the best Top 4 platforms for you are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest.

Step 7.  Learn the 5 different ways to make Money in Blogging

In this step, we are going to learn the different types of ways to make money and there are really 5 of them. Here we are going to discuss an overview of these different ways and we are going to suggest to you from which step you should choose to start your blogging journey.

1.    Ads

There are a few different famous types of ads we will discuss here:

  • Display Ads

You can see these ads when you are scrolling for different kinds of content on a blog or a website while searching or before a YouTube video. And another term for this is Pay-Per-Click because when somebody clicks on it you get paid.  

  • Sponsored Content

The second type of AD is called sponsored content. When a big company pays you to write a review or write something about their product.

  • Giveaway Ad

This is the third type of Ad it is very similar to a sponsored content ad but instead of the company paying you they give you their product for free.

2.    Affiliate Marketing  

The second way that you can choose to make money through your blog is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is where you earn money promoting another person’s product or service through links on your blog as you link an Amazon book with your blog post and write about it in your post when somebody buys a book using your link by Amazon you will get paid with a small commission by amazon that is a kind of Affiliate Marketing.

3.    Sell your Own Digital Products

       When you sell your digital products. There are a few different kinds:

  • Ebooks

These are electronic books like Kindle downloads there printable and workbooks where people can purchase a printable that you have created.

  • Online Teaching OR Training courses

You can sell your teaching or training videos by creating paid courses. You get paid when people can buy your video course.

  • Membership Websites

On a membership website people pay a certain amount to get access to regularly update content usually by blogger.

4.    Sell Physical Products

Selling a physical product is easier to sell because they are tangible good. When people buy a     tangible good it is more satisfying usually than a digital product but also as well there is margins to be had.

  • You have to ship the product
  • You have to create the product
  • You have to manufacture the product.

5.    Services

There is a huge term to provide services and make money online some famous and    productive categories we are going to explain as follows:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Dog Walking
  • Speaking Engagements for Dog walking
  • Coaching
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Freelance Writing
  • Any other service you can sell through the blog

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